Team Reptile is a non-profit educational organization that  works to
educate the community in a variety of ways.  One way is through a
television program, called “Team Reptile Adventures”.   Team
Reptile also offers camps for youth, gives school presentations, and
does community events.  

Team Reptile is a non-profit organization, so we must rely on the
donations of our sponsors to continue the educational services we
provide to the community.  As Team Reptile continues to grow, we
are always appreciative of new sponsorship.  Our goal is to increase
and expand the services we provide to our local communities.  To
reach this goal we need people like you to sponsor Team Reptile,
ultimately to ensure that we are able to reach and educate an even
greater number of people about Michigan's incredible wildlife.

There are many different ways to sponsor Team Reptile.  These can
include contributions towards community Team Reptile events,
sponsoring specific Team Reptile television episodes, or even
sponsoring seasons of the Team Reptile shows.  We also appreciate
donations of boats, motors, nets, aquariums, and television
production equipment.  These contributions will help Team Reptile
to better educate our fellow community members about our
surrounding wildlife, as well as how we can help to protect them.

Thank you for your time and consideration!  If you should have any
questions or comments, please feel free to contact our office at (810)

For more information on how you can help or sponsor Team Reptile,
please click the link below.
2005/2006 Sponsor Opportunities
Team Reptile Sponsors
Team Reptile would like to give
a very special thanks to the
following organizations/people
for their support.

Springfield Township
Parks & Recreation

Smith's Disposal, Inc.

Tool, Sport & Sign

Independence Township
Parks & Recreation

Tree Frog Trinkets