Team Reptile Members
(Active during Summer of 2005)
Alexis Lowe
Heidi Lowe
Johnny Lowe
Heather Lauzun
Kourtney McLean
Zack Miyamoto
Lindsey Nelson
Sarah Richmond
Amanda Roche
Bill Roche
Lauren Rowland
Rachel Shumaker
BJ Stapp
Jennifer Tucker
Jake Walker
Scott Watson
Max Wolfgang
Sara Zerba
Amy Ashley
Rich Ashley
Whitney Bomier
Andrew Breen
Kevin Breen
Maureen Crawford
Deanna Gillespie
Roy Gillespie
Amanda Green
Taelor Haase
Kelly Hyer
Aaron Jeffrey
Rachel Ketchum
Lisa LaLone
Courtney Larsen
Jason Larsen
For information on how you can become involved with Team Reptile, or how you can help them, please contact Rich
Ashley at 810-422-9955 or email him
Team Reptile Members In Action
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"Sneaking up on a Mule
Deer in Colorado"
Episode 8
"35 Degrees in
Episode 18
"Maureen and Whitney, the Team Reptile Angels"
Episode 18
"Team Reptile Group
Photo 2005"
"Snakebite Demonstration
with Rich and Amy"
Episode 4
"The Breen Brothers with a
Female Map Turtle"
Future Episode
"A Night with Breeding
Spring Peepers"
Episode 9
"Heather, Amanda, Kourtney,
Rich and Gray Treefrogs"
Episode 12
"Pointing out a Wood
Episode 9
"BJ gets on camera"
Future Episode
"Aggressive Snapper at
Lake 16"
Episode 10
"Watson in the Wolf
Episode 11
"Courtney and Rich find a
Milk Snake"
Episode 3
"Rich meets Cody the
Gray Wolf"
Episode 11
"Rich and Whitney with
a couple juvenile Map
Episode 19
"Whitney, Courtney, and Rich with a
Common Garter, Butler's Garter, and
Ribbon Snake"
"Kevin catches a Green
Frog at
Deer Lake"
Future Episode
"Aaron, Joe, Rich and a
Episode 4
"Amy showing a Common
Garter Snake to her niece and
"Rich going after Map Turtles below"
Future Episode
"Team Reptile - Tubing on the
Chippewa River"
Future Episode
"Rich catches a baby Map Turtle on
the Chippewa River"
Future Episode
"Rich and BJ - Front of
the Boat"
Future Episode
"Kourtney, Rich, and
Cody the Timberwolf"
Episode 11
"Independence Day Parade in
Clarkston, Summer of 2001"
"Independence Day Parade in
Clarkston, Summer of 2001"
"Independence Day Parade in
Clarkston, Summer of 2000"